Thursday, August 12, 2010

Toronto After Dark Festival-A Reason to Get Off My Fat Ass!

How about that? A reason to write something. And what a reason at that.

My beloved Toronto After Dark Film Festival rolls back into town (can you figure out what town? There's a hint earlier in this post. Good luck!) and I'm gonna watch some of the films they've been so kind to present.

Unfortunately it's a busy, busy time at work so I won't get to see them all (those puppies won't kill themselves! LOL ;) ) but I plan on making a decent go of it. And you 13 lucky readers will get to read all about it and maybe in 10 years time I'll write something else too!

First up will be The Last Lovecraft, which my lovely wife has agreed to see with me. So stay tooned! (get it? because I draw cartoons on my blog. funny)